Experiencia en desarrollos inteligentes

Usando herramientas de vanguardia para el control de inventarios.

Libros publicados

2011 BOOK: Advances in Analog Circuit.

Chapter Number 16, Evolvable Metaheuristics on Circuit Design.
By Felipe Padilla, Aurora Torres, Julio Ponce, Dolores , Torres, Sylvie Ratté and Eunice Ponce.
Editorial INTECH 2011. ISBN 978-953-307-323-1, February 2, 2011.

2011 BOOK: Technology for Facilitating Humanity and Combating Social Deviations: Interdciplinary Perspectives.

Chapter # 5 , “Multiagents System Applied on a Cyberbullying Model for a Social Network.
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-094-5.ch005, USA. Editorial: Information Science Reference IGI Global y ventas directamente con AMAZON.
By Alberto Ochoa, Julio Ponce, Alberto Hernández and Felipe Padilla.

2009 BOOK: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Real Life Applications

Edited by: Julio Ponce and Adem Karahoca
ISBN 978-3-902613-53-0, Hard cover, 436 pages, January 2009
Publisher: IN-TECH
Chapitre 17: Data Mining in Web Applications
Julio Ponce, Alberto Hernández, Alberto Ochoa, Felipe Padilla,
Alejandro Padilla, Francisco Álvarez and Eunice Ponce de León

2007 BOOK: Computación Evolutiva II ( 2007)

ISBN : 970¬728¬055¬7
Padilla Felipe, Alvarez Francisco, Rodrigiez Katya,
Padilla Alejandro, Ponce de León Eunice, Sánchez Hermilo, (EDS).

2006 BOOK: Lenguaje C y C++ (2006)
ISBN: ISBN : 970-728-046-8, 183 pages.
Padilla Felipe, Alvarez Francisco, Padilla Alejandro, Meza de Luna,
Rodríguez Medina Israel, Aguilar Edgar Salvador, Brisuela Mónica (EDS).

2005 BOOK: Computación Evolutiva I (2005)

ISBN 970-728-024-7
Padilla-Díaz Felipe, Álvarez Francisco, Coello-Coello Carlos, Rdz. Katya (EDS.)

2001 BOOK: El Libro de PASCAL (2001).

ISBN : ISBN 968-5073-18-X
Padilla Felipe, Álvarez Francisco, Padilla Alejandro, Meza de Luna Miguel, (EDS). .


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Management Values

The working process of our team work

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Management Values

The working process of our team work

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Management Values

The working process of our team work

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